The cosmetics industry is known for using smart, eye-catching packaging solutions to its advantage. Packaging for cosmetic products can be complicated because it is a selective purchase with lots of competitors, but they also are held to a high standard due to their real life applications. Any cosmetics that are visibly tampered with or poorly packaged will quickly be overlooked by the consumer. There are major health repercussions for using contaminated cosmetic products, and suppliers and retailers alike must be hyper-aware of how they are presenting their product. Thermoformed plastic packaging solutions are ideal for the cosmetic market because they offer the best of both requirements.

Cosmetics are judged and chosen based on their color- that is why clear plastic clamshells and blister packs are ideal for foundations, bronzers, eye-shadows and so on. Thermoformed packaging solutions are also very tamper-evident making it easy for the consumer to choose the item that has been unscathed and ensuring their health and safety. Here are a few examples of plastic clamshells and blister packaging being put to good use for cosmetics and make-up products. Read more about thermoformed packaging at Plastic Ingenuity.

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