When a fashion brand decides to launch its own perfume packaging is an essential element. Choosing packaging is much more than simply pouring the perfume into the most accessible bottle. Not only does the packaging need to be eye catching and make the perfume look desirable, but it needs to represent the image that they brand stands for.

International fashion label, SuperTrash, owned by Dutch designer and entrepreneur Olcay Gulsen, is further expanding upon its fashion empire with a new high-end perfume called Phenomenal, which will be unveiled at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2012. The fashion brand not only offers clothing, but shoes, accessories and lingerie. SuperTrash felt it only fit, like every other major company in the fashion industry, to launch its own perfume.

To help them venture into the perfume market and create an eye-catching package design that exemplifies the attitude of the brand, SuperTrash joined powers with international branding and packaging design agency CARTILS. The objective of the package design was to reflect the uniqueness and authenticity of the SuperTrash brand image. The brand revolves around living a successful life, being sophisticated and exposing yourself as you are. “Phenomenal” targets independent women with a great sense for fashion and style.

Gaston van de Laar, Group Director Client Services at CARTILS explains: “The powerful angular bottle shape represents independence and confidence, while the cap texture and gold colouring show the absolute class and style the international brand stands for. The sophistication and great sense for fashion are underlined by the delicate ribbon and SuperTrash charm.”

To create SuperTrash’s Phenomenal, a large-scale research was conducted by Jorijn Harms at the Delft University of Technology to determine how scent characteristics can be translated in packaging design. The research results offered clear insights on color, shape, angularity and more. The insights that were gained were then connected to the characteristics of the perfume (sophisticated, independent, and fashion forward) and combined with the SuperTrash brand to create the foundation of an outstanding package design.

“Launching my own perfume has been a dream of mine for so long, I think Phenomenal fits the SuperTrash lifestyle perfectly”,  Olcay Gulsen comments. “CARTILS really brought the SuperTrash brand experience alive in Phenomenal’s packaging design. It clearly represents ‘feminine independency’, a characteristic the brand is known for. Besides that, it differentiates from all the offers that are currently on the market. It is satisfying to see that a company, that is a relative outsider within this segment, is in touch with the market and the SuperTrash brand in such a great way.

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