So I’m sure somewhere you have heard the words: search engine optimization or SEO. If you haven’t, SEO is the process of improving ranking in search engine results. As social media is becoming a popular means of marketing, the need for optimization is present, which is where SMO comes into play. SMO stands for social media optimization and is the process of building a company’s social role on the web with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content.

Social media optimization helps to build brand image and spread the word around. By doing so, it helps to identify those who are genuinely interested in a business. SMO, when combined with SEO, can help achieve higher benefits and build a reputable presence online. SMO allows to produce an interaction and an understanding of the market and audience.

Social media optimization provides many benefits for a business. It can be a very helpful and an easy to use tool for anyone trying to create awareness and interact with an audience.
Here are some of the benefits SMO provides:

* Increases linkability
* Helps content travel
* Encourages participation
* Potential to reach vast amounts of people
* A variety of social media tools are available to try
* Increases visibility and awareness
* The ability to give social media a soul allows for personalization

SMO is a great tool for any business in any industry. The best part is that since there is so many outlets to use, if one doesn’t work, you can move on to the next until you find some thing that works.

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