Package design is about what catches our eye and what doesn’t, and many companies have come to recognize that nostalgic packaging is one effective way to sell products. Nostalgia has the ability to make us yearn for a past time or in other words, has the ability to bring us back to “the good old days.” Nostalgia can be triggered by many different things such as a scent, touch, a song, or an image and generally brings the individual back to a happier point in time and a longing to go back.

Packaging designers have understood that nostalgia in packaging can play a large roll in how well a brand sells and how that brand associates with customers and have even come up with the term “throwback.” In the past couple years even we have noticed that many popular brands were going back to their roots with “throw back” designs on their packaging that they had used years before. Nostalgia is a hard feeling to replicate, but when a packaging designer has the ability to give a new packaging the same exact look and feel as the old packaging the product is given a legacy that can be very valuable to the consumer.

Check out these brands that used a nostalgic “throwback” package design in their campaigns! “Everything old is new again.”


Hershey Candy Products


La Société Parisienne de Savons

Pepsi and Mountain Dew