Frito-Lay’s introduction of its 100% compostable packaging for SunChips has left consumers annoyed. This new bag was launched in April 2009 and although the new bag is made from biodegradable plant material and breaks down in the environment , the bag is too noisy. The bag has an unusual molecular structure that resulted in consumers comparing the noise levels to lawnmowers and jet engines. A Facebook group called “Sorry but I can’t hear you over this SunChips Bag”, has also contributed to the outcry. ¬†Consumer complaints and a decline in sales are the reasons SunChips are returning to its old, nondegradable packing for five of the six flavors. The noisy packaging will remain for its original flavor. This little “crunch” in eco-friendly packaging will not stop Frito-Lay from finding other packaging solutions. They will still continue search in finding sustainable packaging options.

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