We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our line of DVD cases. These new cases make it even easier for you to put together your movies, videos and DVDs.

injection molded dvd cases varietyWe now have Machine-Loadable Black DVD cases with machine sealed clear overlay. Why is a machine-sealed overlay important? It ensures consistency in size of your cover artwork and helps make inserting the artwork easier. You can print and cut your cover artwork all together and when you are ready to insert your art into the case, it will easily fit into place. There is no re-cutting and no guesswork.

In addition, these cases come in sizes to hold 1 or 2 discs and the outsize dimension of each case is the same. That means that you have 1 artwork template for both styles! There is no keeping track of which artwork template goes with which case.

Our premium machine-loadable cases are made from over 50% recycled materials making these cases more environmentally friendly.

We also have white DVD cases that are great replacement cases for Wii gaming discs. And for your budget conscious projects, we have standard quality DVD cases.

We have more information on our DVD Cases. You can purchase our new DVD cases in our on-line store.

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