Check out this brand new gadget designed by the fathers of the iPod. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a cutting edge thermostat designed to help cut your energy bill. This smart little device learns your behavior and creates a heating and cooling schedule based according to your lifestyle. Over a period of time it learns when you wake, when you go to work, when you come home, etc. By adjusting the heating and cooling output to your schedule, you can save cash on your utility bill.

Like the iPod, this thermostat is controlled with a simple wheel that helps you program temperature and length of heating and cooling cycles. The thermostat makes a note every time you turn the wheel and compiles data on how you like the temperature of your home. You can also control the Nest away from home with your smart phone.

The Nest costs $249 and will go on sale in major electronics stores next month. It starts to learn your behavior in just a week and has six different sensors that keep track of things like motion, light, temperature and humidity. It knows to change the temperature of a room when you are staying in it, but it also knows when you’re just passing through by detecting motion. These features are great for saving energy and money.

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