Developing a package design takes a lot of careful consideration and research. The key is to implement creativity but hold true to standards that will enable you to measure success or failure of the package. The following are elements that when properly executed will drive successful packaging and allow you to attain your goals:

1. First things first- visibility. Especially in retail packaging, your item will be sitting on the shelves with its competitors for all the world to see. The biggest challenge you will face with any package design is to break through that clutter and remaining relevant to shoppers. Research packaging trends and make yours different!

2. Make your package sell the product. In other words, shopability is a huge factor in driving success. Now that you’ve got their attention with the first step, let your package do the talking for you and make your item the easy choice.

3. Choose a single, clear, message. Eye-tracking studies have told us that you only have 5 seconds to persuade a shopper. Consumers do little to no research when they shop, so keep the message clear and concise when you explain the benefits of your product.

4. They chose your product! Good for you, but the work isn’t over. In order for them to choose you again, it has to be easy to use. When you design packaging, think about how easy it is to open, reopen, and how long is it going to stick around. Many retailers forget that where the package is stored makes a huge impact on the consumer’s decision to repurchase.

5. Finally, sustainability. Now don’t change the record, I promise it isn’t broken. This element is just a reminder of the increased awareness of environmental impact that consumers exercise when they shop. Design for sustainability, and make sure they know.

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