Soulsight re-launches Miller64 packaging and brand design nationwide.

Launched nationally in 2008 by MillerCoors, MGD 64 was a unique beer boasting only 64 calories, a meager 2.8% alcohol volume and 2.4 grams of carbs per 12 ounces. With the brand having been somewhat established, MillerCoors called upon Chicago-based design firm Soulsight to help rebuild the brand. The results? The new Miller64 logo and package design. The new branding of Miller64 features a new logo attached to smoky silver and red labels and can be seen on bottles, cans, and all the different packages that each come in.

“MillerCoors, the company that popularized the light and super- light beer categories, is bringing a new look, name and personality to beer drinkers this spring. The national re-launch of Miller64 – designed by Chicago based agency Soulsight – will be supported with new television, radio, digital and out-of-home advertising.  Soulsight’s handsome new identity, branding and package design demonstrates how Miller64 complements a balanced lifestyle for legal-drinking-age consumers who are committed to making good choices with their daily responsibilities and in their social lives. Miller64 will be available in cans and clear bottles featuring the brand’s bold new logo and its eye-catching smoky silver and red labels.The beer, in its’ stunning new look, is now available at bars, restaurants and grocery stores across the country.” – The Dieline

The new Miller64, is available now at bars, restaurants and grocery stores nationally. Take a look at more images of the new design below!

Source: The Dieline