Liquor Packaging: Ins and Outs

High-end liquor packaging is becoming more and more common. Trends show that people are tending to spend more on alcohol to enjoy at home vs. going out. This means that competition is bound to increase on the shelves.

It can be hard to stand out in the sea of options at any liquor store. Unless a customer knows specifically what it is they want, the options are endless. And sometimes daunting. However, there’s always one tactic all customers employ in some way, whether they know it or not.

Packaging and design is one of the top decision-makers when it comes wine and spirits purchases. A customer is intrigued by the marketing–that is, the shape of the bottle, design on the label, or other unique packaging element–and they buy it. Which is why the message a bottle sends by packaging is so important.

Liquor Packaging in Practice

Check out this example of liquor packaging we recently created for Select Designs featuring Lamarca Prosecco’s limited release, Luminore. Luminore is a DOCG sparkling wine (meaning a high-end bottle) and considered one of the apex wines where the grape is concerned.

To design packaging that aids that impression, we started with the brand. Utilizing an organization’s brand in packaging design is a key element to creating a connection for the consumer between the product and the producer. In addition to a beautiful bottle of wine, Lamarca is known for their striking light blue-on-black with foil stamping for extra pop. And you know that extra pop is everything when marketing a sparkling wine, right?

With the brand on point, we brought in a straightforward approach with a two-piece setup box. Paired with custom flocked foam inserts, these boxes are sturdy, stable, and can securely hold a glass bottle with little-to-no potential for damage. Just don’t test that theory *too* aggressively!

Wine & Spirits Packaging Drives Sales

Creating limited edition packaging like this barely scratches the surface of our experience in the wine and liquor world. Artisan liquor packaging is something we do well, and our packaging positively affects the bottom line.

Private: Liquor Packaging for Premium Spirit(s)

Premium. Artisanal. Top shelf. They all describe a certain product and imply the highest quality. And that’s a key part of liquor sales. Liquor packaging is focused on bringing that brand quality to mind but needs it’s a bit of a balancing act. 

Liquor retail packaging can run the gamut, but it’s understandably reduced to just the bottles themselves. Limited shelf space means lots of competition, and if your odd-sized container doesn’t fit? Well, unless you have an enthusiastic, established customer base, chances are you’re going to be discontinued quickly. However, that’s not the case with a product like Jagermeister, or Veuve Cliquot champagne, and others. 

Established Liquor Packaging Takes Chances

When your brand is established, the risk of being “disco’d” dwindles down to zilch. In fact, releasing limited editions of spirits with unique boxes and accessories can drive sales up without raising the ire of your store associates. 

In the example to the side, you can see an extremely limited edition gift set for Jagermeister. This gift set included special tasting glasses and other limited, exclusive paraphernalia. For brand fans–and for this particular spirit, there are many–it’s a slam dunk purchase. Aiding the sale of this gift set is the attractive packaging. Black soft touch, with gold foil stamp, makes this set look as lush as the product it holds.  And with the liquor packaging market on the grow, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more high-quality liquor boxes like this on store shelves more often than just the holidays.


Premium Brands Use Premium Packaging

Whether your customer base is looking for a smooth vodka, aged bourbon, or small vineyard productions, the packaging is what will ultimately draw them in to even try your product. Make it an experience for them. 

Liquor Packaging for Distilleries

When the economy takes a downturn, there are some industries that actually see business increase. Liquor is one of them, so it’s no surprise to us to see liquor packaging projects becoming more and more frequent.  Like this project for One Eight Distilling. While we capitalized on some existing box styles, the end result is a completely customized box and sleeve design. 

And this custom aspect matters big time in liquor packaging. A high percentage of purchasing decisions are made on the packaging alone. It becomes a bit of an emotional thing. Customers look for designs and elements that appeal to them in some way, and they buy it.  Drilling down on what appeals to the target customer base is your job. Creating packaging that drives sales is our job.

Driving Sales with Liquor Packaging

Packaging is especially important for distilleries and hard alcohol. It can be hard to stand apart, especially for undeveloped palates who aren’t necessarily shopping for specific brands, but for what appeals to them. Hence the emotional buying piece. Whiskies, vodkas, gins, and other liquors vary widely in price point. For a customer to indulge in something high end, the packaging is what sells it. 

Taking a closer look at the photos above, you can see that there are several parts to the package. It starts with the standard box, and then a sleeve is layered on top. Both of these are screen printed in black ultima, but it doesn’t end there. We also included some custom foam inserts to keep the product samples snug and protected inside. 

This liquor packaging example is striking and elegant. It’s clear that this a high end product and deserves the consideration of the buyer.

Alcohol and Liquor Packaging

The packaging styles you see at a liquor store ranges just as widely as the products themselves. From kitsch to class, a single aisle will probably have products reflecting every possibility. We’ve had experience helping products communicate their brand in a variety of ways. We guarantee we can design the perfect packaging for you.