Starting in the middle of 2011, light bulbs are going to have new packaging required by the federal government. The new packaging design will feature “Lighting Facts”, modeled after the “Nutrition Facts” label that has been on food packages for decades. The reason for change is to further educate consumers about their efficiencies.

Currently, light bulb packaging only gives consumers watt measurements which make it difficult to compare traditional incandescent bulbs to more efficient ones, such as compact fluorescents. A compact fluorescent bulb may be able to produce the same amount of brightness as a traditional bulb, using significantly less wattage.

In addition to wattage, the new labels will report lumens, the basic unit for measuring the flow of light. The labels also will offer estimated yearly energy costs, life expectancy of the bulb (based on three hours of daily use), and inform consumers if the bulb contains mercury.

Essentially, the new light bulb labeling will allow consumers to save money by purchasing the most efficient bulbs based on the information that is now required to be included on the packaging.

Federal Trade Commission Press Release

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