Recently, a colleague of mine passed on a story called “Lessons of the Square Watermelon” The story of the square watermelon is a story about positive thinking and the power of thinking outside the box — or in this case, inside the box.

Japanese groceries stores had limited space and wanted a more space-efficient watermelon. Many people would have immediately thought there was no way to create a more “space-efficient” watermelon, but some creative Japanese farmers believed they could and made it possible.

Watermelons are mostly water, as the name implies. So, when Japanese farmers attempted to grow watermelons in the square boxes, the fruit took the shape of the boxes (we love the packaging implications here). This solved the problem in the grocery stores and made it more cost effective to ship the watermelons.

lessons of square watermelon think outside the boxWhat can we learn from the square watermelon? According to the article, we should learn to stop assuming, to question habits, to be creative, to look for a better way and that impossibilities often aren’t.

This article generated a lot of interesting responses. As it turns out, square watermelons are only the beginning. Check out what can happen when you open your mind to unheard-of possibilities and explore your creativity.

Imagine if this kind of creative thinking existed in your company. Use this as inspiration. What at first seems impossible, could many possible creative solutions. When we move away from our comfort zone and think positively about a problem, we can come up with innovative solutions that go above and beyond our initial needs.

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