Lego, Mattel, and Disney have recently been facing pressure from Greenpeace to change their packaging. The environmental group accused all three companies of using packaging material sourced from trees that were cleared from the Indonesian rainforest. The materials were coming from Asia Pulp and Paper who Greenpeace calls the worst forest offender in Indonesia. Aside from demanding that the three toy companies quit buying their packaging materials from APP, Greenpeace also called on them to implement new sustainable packaging policies for all pulp and paper products.

In response, Lego has just announced that they’re aiming to reduce the amount of their packaging materials as well as only use pulp and paper products that are FSC certified. Because of their new policy, they will be prohibited from buying packaging materials from APP.

Mattel released a statement confirming that they put a hold on purchasing supplies from APP and have a sustainable packaging policy on the way. Greenpeace however has criticized Mattel’s response due to a lack of timelines and figures.

Disney has yet to respond to the allegations.

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