Lean manufacturing is a concept that has been present for a long time, but is coming into greater focus in the packaging industry especially with the drive for sustainable solutions. The concept that comes with associated strategies and tactics strive toward the following objectives: an elimination of anything and everything that doesn’t add value to the end product, and an increase of product quality. While the phrase itself has not been coined until recently- packaging has always pursued lean principles. The values of packaging fulfill the following four utilities: possession, form, time, and place. In other words, packaging allows consumers to possess products, in the desired form, at the consumer’s desired time, and in the consumer’s desired place. Lean principles can’t logically advocate for the elimination of packaging, but can—and should—advocate for the elimination of over packaging. If done effectively, packaging can add value therefore fulfilling the latter objective of lean production. These objectives are not new, but some of the tools and resources available to manufacturers have greatly improved the ability uphold its principles.

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