What is Kitting?

Kitting means making a kit out of something. Whether it’s a custom sales kit or product launch kit, it’s the act of assembling a variety of materials to supplement a product, or to flesh out a promotion for an organization. This could include collector coins, plastic whistles, compact discs, water bottles–any number of items that can be personalized to promote a cause.

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custom magnetic boxes, magbox, netbox, soft touch lamination, turned edges

SWAG = Stuff We All Get

The kitting marketing model is a trusted one. Everybody likes SWAG. This is especially effective for new products that might not have a history. Packaging that product with other items will automatically increase value, not to mention awareness. Same for an organization, something that has an idea rather than a tangible product but still needs to stand out equally at trade shows and conventions. Kitting a display-worthy box is vital in that situation.

But a lot of people forget that sometimes products they think are standalone are really a sort of kit. Maybe it’s not true kitting by definition, but often times a product is more than the sum of its part, and a custom box is more than just a box.

Here are a few products that benefit from a form of kitting.

Board Games

0913152015We talk about board games like they are a singular item. Even in your head, when you picture a board game you’re probably picturing unfolding the Monopoly board. But a board game is a kit of sorts. Think about it. All those game pieces, cards, timers, pegs, even the board itself. Those are all loose pieces that require thermoformed trays. Without an instruction booklet, a game isn’t even game. More expensive board games with elaborate miniatures should have die cut foam to protect them. As part of a board game group, I often see people frustrated that they have to make their own homemade inserts for games. Or worst of all: they don’t buy the game because they know it will be a pain to maintain.


What do we know about a box of chocolates? It’s fun to get one. Life is like one, according to Forrest Gump. But there’s more to a box of cherry cordials or delectable caramel turtles than just a box. First of all, if you want to hold water in the candy business, the gold standard is a rigid two-piece setup box. But inside, you can just leave those chocolates loose. A thermoformed tray is best, but at the very least an SBS paperboard insert should be used to separate the truffles from the mints. And my very favorite thing is when the bottom of the box has a description of what the chocolate is. That makes me feel like a rockstar.


FulfillmentSoftware comes in a variety of packaging. From flash drives stored in custom pads to compact discs in sealed plastic pockets to a sort of binder. But packaging software is the ultimate form of kitting. Software itself is intangible. It’s just data! It’s tricky enough to sell data at retail, but how do you add value to a thin piece of metal? Or a code for an MMORPG? That’s where a custom kit can come in handy. Preload a custom flash drive with data, plant it in closed cell foam, and you’re in business.

Whatever your definition of kitting is, it’s hard to deny that there’s more elements going on with boxes than “just a box.” That’s why we like to think of projects as packaging solutions. Because often times it’s more than just four walls, a base, and a lid. Presentation packaging should always be about what’s inside.

What’s especially cool about Sunrise Packaging is that all those elements of kitting, we can do under one roof? Not every box company deals in plastics, and not every 3-ring binder manufacturer can preload your flash drive.

Making a high quality custom box? That’s the least we can do!