PUMA has introduced some very innovative packaging for their shoes that could change the way shoes are packaged in the future. Dubbed “Clever Little Bag”, the packaging and distribution system will reduce the paper used for shoeboxes by 65% and carbon emissions by 10,000 tons per year.

Partnering with San Francisco designer, Yves Behar, the “Clever Little Bag” will replace the cardboard shoebox with a fashionable reusable shoe bag. Not only does the bag serve as a great protector, it is a very efficient and eco-friendly way to get their popular shoes into the hands of consumers.

PUMA will be generating huge savings on the production side using fewer raw materials, less water and energy to produce, and less weight to ship and be disposed of. Further, they will be reducing consumption on a manufacturing level by more than 60% per year- approximately 8,500 tons less paper will be consumed, 20 million Megajoules of electricity saved, and 264,000 gallons of fuel oil and water saved. During transport, 132,000 gallons of diesel fuel will be saved. Due to the replacement of traditional shopping bags, up to 275 tons of plastic can be saved with the use of the “Clever Little Bag”.

By 2015, PUMA is aiming to implement fully sustainable packaging for all of their product lines. Some other things that are on the horizon in the near term are sustainable bags for all apparel collections which estimate in saving 29 million plastic bags per year. Also, PUMA T-shirts will be folded one more time to reduce packaging size and CO2 emissions and costs during transport.

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