You hear all the time about new trends in packaging, but is the luxury packaging industry really about to hit its golden era?


Custom Rigid launch kit for Starbucks with silk screening and handle

Custom designed box with foam inserts and multiple doors

According to Packaging News, that’s exactly what’s happening. The article points to some pretty hard percentages and some serious dollar values, but the coolest parts seem to be some of the technological advances in custom packaging. Mentions of 3-D printing instantly get the gears turning on what the future could bring. The article also refers to personalized packaging that can “interact with digital technology.”


To some extent, we already have this. In fact, that’s one of the best tenets of custom boxes is that it can be printed on and personalized with any barcodes or QR codes for faster inventory and stocking. But seeing how this could integrate with upscale luxury packaging is really exciting. The interviews also point to a focus on “sustainable” packaging. Corrugated cardboard custom boxes already lead this fight, but what’s next? Could fully eco-friendly luxury packaging be right around the corner?


If one thing’s clear, it’s that the future of luxury packaging is looking bright. The need for personalized packaging has never been greater. Having a “retail presence” is what it’s all about, isn’t it? What’s outside has to match what’s inside. And if you’re talking brick-and-mortar, a product is only as good as it’s box. That’s not to say the product may not be amazing, but the retail world is all about visuals, about presentation. In a consumer’s perfect world, they’d get to take every item out of the box and play around with it before they bought it. But that’s not reality. How close can you come to giving shoppers that experience, while keeping your product pristine? What are you going to put on that custom box? What combination of turned edge printing and foil stamping–of embossing and offset printing–is going to turn those heads? Don’t let your product get passed by.


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