toolingA lot of companies add on to their production lead times by outsourcing the majority of their tooling requirements to specialized tool making companies. This way, the company saves themselves the investment of expensive machinery and the space required to store it. As long as these companies are able to find a good supplier for tooling, this approach can work out well. No matter how good of a supplier they may find, the best solution for tooling is and always will be to operate and in-house tooling facility. There are so many advantages to having this capability in-house. By having the department under the same roof, the process stays on track and there is no waiting around for the shipment from an outside supplier. Communication is also vastly improved when you have design engineers and toolmakers working side by side. The manufacturing organization can determine timelines and work flow without having to bargain with the outside supplier. While in-house tooling can shorten production lead times, the most important added benefit is that quality control issues are dealt with immediately under one roof.

Source: MacPac
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