Hormel Foods Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of many food and meat products around the world. Based inAustin,Minnesota, Hormel’s environmental goals are something they work hard towards. ConAgra Foods Inc, Kraft Foods Inc, and Tyson Foods Inc are some of their top competitors.

New environmental goals were recently announced by Hormel Foods Corporation. New packaging, water, solid waste, air and energy issues were all apart of the environmental goals. In the ended fiscal 2011 Hormel met a number of their goals. They had a large water reduction by beating their goal by 15% and reduced packaging by a total of 21.8 million pounds. With the accomplishments they achieved in 2011, they have a difficult challenge for meeting goals in 2012.

Hormel’s recycling rate is something that they hope to raise. At the end of 2010 their recycling rate was 41% and 46% at the end of 2011. Air emission targets and indirect energy consumption are also items on their environmental goals list.

Source: community.nasdaq.com

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