CD single disc jewel caseHere at Sunrise Packaging we pride ourselves in our stock selection of CD and DVD packaging products. In this day and age these products seem second nature to us, and even yesterday’s news. One of our many items is the ever popular jewel CD case. If you were wondering how this case got so popular- here is a little history overview of the jewel case for compact discs: In 1981, Sony and Philips partnered up to create the newest of media storage formats, at the time calling it the Digital Audio Disc. After this development, the next step was to package the product. The case for the new compact disc needed to hold discs flat and protect them from scratches that can damage CD content. The case also had to evoke a high-tech appearance that convinced consumers to make the switch. PolyGram was handed the task of creating the case (at the time this was a record label owned by Philips). The design was finalized in 1982 by Peter Doodson, a designer working form PolyGram in Holland, and so came into being the jewel case. The three piece plastic case had a rectangular back, a disc shaped tray and a transparent cover to hold artwork. Doodson described the first of this product he saw as “virtually perfect” and the case was coined the jewel case. Later that year, the first album ever release on a compact disc was “52nd Street” by Billy Joel. Consumers loved the new format, and the CD exploded on the market from then. There are many versions of the original jewel case, many are purchased in-store for your desired album. Here at Sunrise, we love them so much, we sell them in bulk! 🙂

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