WhenHeat Sensitive Packaging Chickenfoot Thermal Ink rock legends come together to form a new band, the packaging must be bold and original to represent the excitement of the new collaboration.  Chickenfoot did just that.  Their new band formation includes guitar hero Joe Satriani, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith, and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and frontman Sammy Hagar.

David Bellm from Packaging Digest pointed out the innovative design by Todd Gallopo for Chickenfoot’s debut album.  The design for this album features new thermal ink developed and patented by Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), a special effect inks and coatings manufacturer.  This ink causes the album cover to change with heat, which could be simply just touching it with your hand.  When heat is applied, pictures are revealed on the front cover, as well as song titles on the back.  Chickenfoot’s self-titled debut album was released earlier this month by Redline Entertainment.

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