Does your health and beauty packaging need a makeover?

Cosmetic Packaging with foil stamp and soft touch laminationIf you've ever been down a health and and beauty aisle, you know how the packaging positively glows. It might be the most elegant aisle in the store. When a product is meant to emphasize visual appeal, it needs packaging that exudes the same stunning qualities. Vibrant colors, embossed lettering, foil stamped trim—all of these elements have not only become staples of cosmetic packaging boxes, but of the industry as a whole.

More than just a pretty face, health and beauty packaging has vital information to convey. Application instructions, safe storage, ingredients and warnings are just some of the messages this type of packaging must get across in just a few panels, all while retaining a glamorous standard of style. For a product that can't always be sampled—cosmetics, creams, soaps—presentation packaging is a must.

The dazzle is in the details

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the trends in healthy and beauty packaging. Whether it's a simple folding paperboard box with gloss lamination, or a turned edge display case fit with a foam insert, our boxes are designed to make your brand's true colors shine.

Whether you're keeping the packaging light, or turn several products into a custom cosmetics kit, we have the right box for the job. Our customization options are second to none. We know that a product that boasts beauty needs to be a work of art, inside and out.