The future. Such a fascinating idea. When I think of the future, I think of watching Back To The Future II as a 10 year old destined for a hover board and auto-lace Nikes (which Nike has filed a patent for recently by the way).

After seeing the new MYSTIC package design for Coca Cola bottles, it made me reminisce on those several occasions of watching Michael J Fox traveling to 2015 in pure envy. Are we now living “In the future”?

The design was created by French designer Jerome Olivet. The racy, aerodynamic style of the bottle and the classic red color gives the feel of a supernatural future world and adds even more power to a strong brand.

As we’ve seen many soft drink and bottled beverage companies change their package design on several occasions this past year or so, the transformations have all had an emphasis on the environment and eco-friendly packaging. Further, Coca-Cola has been in the news for their proactive approach on sustainability. This design however, focuses on the strength and legacy of one of the biggest brands in history. Very interesting approach.

We’re not sure when or where this design will hit convenience store coolers. But with such an attractive design, you’re sure to notice when it does.

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