When you were a kid, did you ever get that little pair of wings for being a “good passenger” on a flight? Or a few years down the road, did you save the name tag from your first job? Personally, I used to work for a video store and I coveted the name tags that featured upcoming movies.


Or maybe you just attended a conference–and maybe, over the course of the few days, your name badge became a part of you. It was certainly part of your outfit. For those few days, it was even more important than your jewelry, or your watch. Maybe it got you a free drink at the hotel bar after the meetings were done for the day. That’s a handy name tag.


All in all, you and your name badge got pretty tight, didn’t you? And when you got home, you just couldn’t toss it. It wasn’t just a name badge, it was a badge of courage.

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No matter what the event, a reusable name tag is a souvenir. A reminder of an event, no matter how mundane. But even the mundane can be a fond memory. And a good, durable name badge can bring you back.


Maybe I’m waxing nostalgic a bit, but there is something rather charming about a name badge, isn’t there? It’s your flair–your personality–summed up on your shirt. Often times it’s the first thing that defines you at a retreat or convention. It’s the difference between someone addressing you by your name and being thought of as You Look Like a Bob.


Point is, a name badge usually becomes a keepsake. So why not make it a memorable one?


A laminated quality name tag sends a message to your conference-goers the minute they check in. What are we in for? What will we come away with? What first impression is being made from writing your name on a sticker with a Sharpie?


Or use a custom name badge to send your employees into a conference or expo with a message. Matching employee name badges build a sense of teamwork and loyalty. And, on the functional side, they’ll be able to quickly recognize one of their own.


Take a page from the book of luxury packaging: full color name badges stand out. Your employees represent your business, but so does your name tag. Add your company logo. Add dates to personalize it even more. A sturdy magnet backing ensures the badge stays on and won’t damage clothing like pins–that sends a message too. Turn that weekend business retreat into a gift, rather than a burden.


Affordable, custom imprinted name badges are just the start. Heavy duty luggage tags can add that flare to your luggage or lanyard. Make your bags easily identifiable at the baggage claim, or during the bustle of checking the overhead compartments when the flight lands.

Functional flair. That’s what you get with Dura™ reusable name badges.

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