What Full Service Thermoforming Means


At Sunrise Packaging, we are committed to being your one and only stop for all your custom packaging needs. Our facility is uniquely suited to not only create your custom thermoformed packaging, but also assemble it, package it, load it with data-filled flash drives, and ship it. It’s an an assembly process that is truly full service. What this means for you is less hassle and a faster turnaround on your custom packaged product.

What Can We Create?

With a variety of tools already made, your thermoforming template could already be waiting for you. Or maybe you have a specific product, in which case custom tooling can provide you with a unique thermoformed tray, clamshell, or blister pack. Our facility is unique in that we have plenty of options for customization. Meaning your thermoformed plastic product is confined to just being retail packaging.

Thermoforming Robot

Thermoformed trays and compartments can be added to magnetic cigar boxes, turned edge binders, product launch and press kits. Adding thermoforming to your media packaging can create a standout product. At the same time, we can add any materials you want to include–including custom flash drives preloaded with your data and fit snugly in their thermoformed packaging. Imagine the time you’ll save!

Sunrise Packaging will not only create your thermoformed packaging for your specific product, but we can actually assemble it around so that is retail-ready. Or ship it right from our facility into your client’s hands.


How You Can Get the Full Service Treatment

Contact one of our packaging experts today. When you tell any of our packaging experts that you’re interested in full service assembly and fulfillment, you’re saying you want your product to have the fastest track to your customers. Don’t put another link in your chain by bothering with a separate fulfillment house, where your product will be reintroduced as new. Don’t sacrifice accuracy and consistency–let Sunrise do it all under one roof, saving you time, money, energy.


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