When you think of packaging, boxes are probably the first thing that come to mind. That’s how we think too. When producing a lot of boxes for someone, a big obstacle that can come up is the shipping of the product. When boxes are empty, they aren’t necessarily heavy, but boy do they take up space! With corrugated and paperboard boxes, the solution is out there- this material is easy to fold up into a flat piece to save space for shipping. Well, that’s all well and good for that material of boxes, but what about turned edge? Turned edge is result of turning material over various thicknesses of chipboard to create the finished look of a hard cover book. That’s what we at Sunrise love to do. The trick with turned edge is that it is a case made product not able to be folded up without damaging the finish. Well, we came across a solution to that! Check out this turned edge box. It is made of multiple pieces with a couple of gluing processes. While it is a little spendy, it folds up quite nicely into a heavy duty and presentable turned edge cigar style box. This one even has a cut out tray that folds into the piece as well.