We all know slimmer packaging equals less packaging waste and an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.  But did you know that efficient packaging can also save money?

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer saved $3.5 million in transportation costs last holiday season because of efficent packaging for toys.  The company used slimmer packaging by reducing one-inch in the cardboard for individual toys going from Asian countries to the United States.  The reduction resulted in 727 fewer ocean containers, which also saved 1,300 barrels of oil.

What can we learn from Wal-Mart’s packaging solutions? As we take a step  in improving our environment through packaging, we can also recognize other benefits.  You can follow Wal-Mart’s lead with your own sustainable packaging.  There are many solutions to save money with efficient packaging apart from size.  Packaging materials can be reused for other packaging needs or used for creative innovations.  Instead of buying more packaging, save your money and use what you have.

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