Over the past few years the coffee industry has seen few breakthrough products that have made drinking coffee more of a convenience. Just a few years ago Keurig was introduced to the market with its single serving brewing cups. Starbucks also got into the game with its instant coffee VIA, they sold $180 million dollars worth of it.

With big names like Starbucks getting in the game with their VIA line and Keurig with its single serving cups, how much more innovating can there be left to do? And how exactly can you innovate in such a elite field without feeling your product just wont be as good?

Well, once company found a way to stand out. A company named MonoSol believes that they have another innovative answer for instant coffee as well as a lot of other products. MonoSol produces a product they call “MonoDose,” a water-soluble package that contains coffee (picture the same sort of idea in popular dishwasher tablets). This way, coffee can be made instantly just by dropping a packet into a mug of water.

This dissolvable packaging isn’t just limited to coffee either.

“The uses in some ways are only constrained by our imagination,” Media Manager Matt Scearce told Mark Wilson of Co.Design. “Examples include oatmeal, cereals, instant teas/coffees, sweeteners, soups, drink sticks, gravy and sauces, hot chocolate, back of the kitchen applications, pre-portioned spice packs, pre-portioned dry ingredients, workout proteins and supplements (that are currently scooped out from huge bulk containers) etc.”

As for now, MonoSol’s edible packaging is currently “patent pending” and they are looking for partners to help them take on the food packaging industry.

With a product that’s both more convenient to use and visibly greener than plastic, it’s not hard to imagine MonoSol having some serious success in the field. That is, assuming we don’t question feeding our bodies in the same manner we feed our dishwashers.

Source: Co. Design