heinekenflaskCrowdsourcing has proven to be a valuable resource for packaging design and marketing strategy. A recent press release from Heineken explained that their firm is using a website to leverage crowdsourcing in their packaging design. Crowdsourcing is defined as the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people– especially from an online community. According to Van Iterson, Head of Brand Design and Concept team, they have been crowdsourcing for over ten years. In their online format, IdeasBrewery.com, they bring a structured approach to the concept of crowdsourcing. They have brought in input from design professionals, packaging materials experts and more. The feedback they have gotten from crowdsourcing has resulted in package designs that have gone into commercial production. With interest in all demographic groups, Heineken used targeted crowdsourcing to gain insight on demands from Europe’s 60 plus population. They found that factors such as easy opening, container size, and carrying features are motives in their brand choice. Once they narrowed down features they want and need to include, they were able to create a custom package targeted toward one of the more sizable portion of their customer base.

Blog Source: PackWorld

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