packaging design Packaging for an Aging Population is a recently added report by Research and Markets that assesses the implications of our aging society on packaging design. The report identifies market forces, examples of senior friendly packaging and technological advances that will influence upcoming packaging design trends. Manufacturers and branders will use population data to contextualize products and packaging to the growing demographic of seniors. They will seek to understand what implications the growing senior population will have on functional packaging design and what the “must-haves” are to accommodate. Most importantly, researchers look to case studies and examples of how new technology is presenting greater options for packaging design. With all of this information, manufacturers will be able to look to the future and learn how to prioritize their products for packaging redesign. Senior-friendly packaging needs are clear, but manufacturers also need to keep in mind products need to be designed with intentional, but implicit accommodations for the growing senior population.

Blog Source: Packaging Digest

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