blog2More Power. Just What You Need.

What are Power Banks exactly? Only the coolest, most functional promotional item around. You can charge power banks and bring them with you on the go, acting as a backup charge for your USB powered device. Just plug in replenish your battery. No more worrying about your phone dying in the middle of GPS directions, or going out of touch while on vacation.

Personalized Power Banks Lead the Charge.

Power banks make excellent giveaways for tradeshows and conventions. Economical and customizable, power banks can prove to be a lifesaver for attendees of expos. When you give someone a power bank, you’re giving them more than an extra charge. You’re giving them freedom to stay on the sales floor longer, the freedom to venture out a little further. Peace of mind. All the while, a personalized power bank is reminding them of your business or organization.

Cool Styles. High Performance.

Power banks come in a variety of colors and styles. Choose one that matches the personality of your business, or complements the colors of your logo. Power banks will get some serious mileage out of your potential customers and clients; a daily reminder of your business, emblazoned with your contact information. For an extra level of visual marketing, pair your customized power banks with the stylish PowerPad, a custom, foam-fitted pad designed to hold and protect your device. This elegant, hardcover packaging offers more visual real estate for advertising, images, and info.