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Customized Product Pads

Our most popular custom packaging is our refined Flash Pad™. It is an upscale custom USB pacakage intended for companies looking to outsmart rather than outspend their competiton. The Flash Pad™ is an impressive option that features turned edge technology to provide value to your product and brand. The Flash Pad™ can be customized to hold USB drives of different shapes and sizes. It can also be customized to hold multiple drives and literature. *Tooling fees may apply.
The Standard Flash Pad™ features:

  • 4CP digitally printed wrap and liner with matte lamination
  • .079 pt board
  • 4.937” x 5.437” with white foam to hold one USB
  • Die-cut size: 2.625” x .625” *Fits most standard USB Drives
  • Qty/Carton- 120 / Carton Weight- 19lbs (approx.)
Marketing Flash Pads

Marketing custom Pads

Binder with handle Standard D’ring binder

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