Both the Flashpad™ and Netbox™ are two of our top-selling items when it comes to custom manufacturing. Standard in size and tooling alone, the NetBox™ is a wonderful solution for retail, marketing, demonstration kits and more! Shown above are three variations of the exact same product. Choose material wrap and create very own graphic design so we can go ahead and manufacture a completely unique packaging solution for your brand and mission. The NetBox™ is a cigar-style box, complete with a cover flap and secure magnetic closure. Great for displaying multiple items inside because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of a two piece packaging solution. This product is easy opening, and with digital printing capabilities, we give you the option of putting artwork on the inside liner (notice on the Salad Shots box, they took advantage of the extra space). We couldn’t be happier with the reviews we have gotten from clients who love the NetBox™. So how about your business? How can we add value to your products and services with a branded NetBox™?

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