Vaporizers and E-Cigarettes are puffed with dignity in pubs around the country, and stored with the same care. For vapers, their vaporizers are a symbol of prestige and point of pride. At Sunrise Packaging, we understand high-end products like vaporizers need presentation packaging. Turned-edge vape kits have become the modern humidor, acting as both visual marketing and proper storage for e-cig devices, juices, and liquids.

Classic Vape Packaging with a Modern Twist

mistic black custom vape packaging_white turned edge cigar boxA cigar-style magnet box with rigid walls provides that prestigious look at retail and mantle-worthy storage at home. The classic style has become a gold standard for the industry. Looks aside, custom vape kits inlaid with a die cut foam insert benefit from padded protection. When a product contains both glass and important electronics, a custom-fitting storage unit is worth its weight in gold. Foam trays have the added bonus of a clean, organized presentation.

Whether you’re going for the classic cigar box look or need something entirely new, Sunrise Packaging’s solutions fulfill the luxury design that vapers are looking for. Maybe you’re a vaporizer designer that wants a box that can hold e-liquids, or maybe you have an exotic line of e-juices and want to add a bonus compartment for an e-cig device. In any case, our custom packaging innovations will put your product on the frontlines of the vape market.


  • Custom-Fitting Inserts, Trays, and Dividers for Vape Liquids and Devices
  • Turned Edges for a Polished, Professional Look
  • Magnetic Tab Enclosure for Security and Style
  • Embossing, Debossing, Foil Stamping
  • Crisp Digitally-Printed Wraps and Textures