Custom Confectionary box, 2 piece setup box, setup box with formed tray, thermoformed tray, chocloate box, red setup box for chocolate

The design and quality of custom product packaging is vital for the success of your retail product on the shelf. It takes thorough attention to produce the impactful eye-catching packaging to truly sell the product; most purchases are impulsive, so this might be your only possibility to induce the consumer to make the initial purchase. The custom packaging must bring out the attributes and branding of your product and must appear to be of high quality to give your product the best chance to succeed in our ultra competitive marketplace.

The two piece setup box shown here holds a vacuum formed tray to hold chocolates. The box is presentable and communicates very high quality even before you reach the delicious chocolates inside. We love the contrast red and white silk screened logo presents on the cover and tan colored poly styrene tray inside.