At Sunrise Packaging, we love the Flashpad™, and apparently so do you! One of our more popular products, this is a great way to customize your USB flash drives and give them some shelf presence. We offer you an easy-to-use template and artwork setup so you can submit your own personalized artwork. The Flashpad™ ends up looking like a small hard cover book except when you open it up it isn’t pages and chapters you find– its a compact flash drive, ready to be plugged into your computer for easy and interactive viewing. Choose from foams varying in color and density, to coincide with your brand message and hold the drive in place. This is the perfect promotional giveaway for tradeshows and marketing events- we brought ours to WestPack and they practically flew out of our booth! Not only can we make this at high quantities with fast turn around time, we can also provide you with a customized USB drive and fulfill the package. That way, once they leave our warehouse they’re ready to go!