As DVD packaging and Blu-ray packaging continues to evolve, much is put into custom packaging to create a splash and increase sales. Traditional DVD cases and Blu-ray cases are still the standard, but as we take a look at a few examples, we find that companies are customizing the packaging to target their audience and make their releases stand out.

Last winter, Toy Story 3 shattered box office records and is due out on DVD and Blu-ray on November 2, just in time for the holidays. Pixar recently showed what they have in store for collectors by revealing the custom packaging for their Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box Collection. The collection will include Blu-rays, regular DVDs and digital copies of all three Toy Story movies- a total of 10 discs.

The packaging features a square box on the outside with a Toy Story character on each side. On the inside, an original wagon toy box holds all of the discs. By going the extra mile with exclusive custom packaging, Pixar is hoping to attract both collectors and youth to the box set that is retailing on Amazon for $65.99.

Not only big budget film releases like Toy Story merit custom DVD packaging. This example of DVD packaging comes from the Gutek Film Company who’s celebrating their 15th Anniversary by paying homage to the artistic Italian cinematography of Michelangelo Antonioni. This collection features eight classics targeting film art lovers (lovers of multi-level sophisticated film art that is difficult to perceive).

Package design for the project is simple containing two boxes. The main “grand box” holds a smaller box inside where the DVD discs and booklet are held. The book jacket is made of black cardboard and has a logo cutout. On one side of the disc holder sheet is information relating to Antonioni’s works while the other side features specially shaped envelopes that holds the DVD discs.

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