It's what's inside that counts

Products with a unique shape need contoured packaging. This is especially true for launch kits or presentation kits where repeated daily use is just par for the course. Custom foam can be die-cut to hold any size object safe and securely in your box. Die cut foam can be added to any packaging to create a secure hold for any device, tool, or product. Perfect for medical device packaging or for fragile electronics, die cut foam is cut to the exact specifications of a particular product for an unmatched fit and clean, organized presentation.

Contoured cushion

An insert made from precision cut foam can be added to any custom box to make it a display kit. The foam not only fills in most of the empty space of the box to prevent damage to the product, it also arranges the included items for a presentation that is practically an industry standard. Choose from either the softer-cushioned open cell foam, or the more rigid, sturdy closed cell variety. The flexibility of foam makes for a fit like no other. Contacting one of our packaging experts can guide the proper foam option for your individual product.

Expertise that is just the right fit

When paired with a rigid turned edge box from Minnesota's own Sunrise Packaging, custom foams make an excellent option for secure packaging. Because they can be customized to keep your products safe while adding a professional element, foam-fit inserts will make your custom box into a display kit, reinforcing your brand with added value. From low to high density foams, Sunrise Packaging can find the perfect custom foam to add to your personalized packaging.

Precise, Organized Storage

Professional, Clean Display

Custom-Fit Cushioning