custom packaging brandingBrand owners involve packaging and product image into the discussion of honing in their shopper marketing strategies. These retailers are more and more interested in the ideal of customized packaging. However, evidence suggests that it isn’t the answer quite yet. In the past there has been a desire to keep designs the same for retail items to keep consumer base steady, but as manufacturing has modernized to extend products, customization is turning into a hot commodity. While it is a goal of all retailers to connect to every individual and accommodate to their wants and needs, it is important to remember; every customer can’t have their own package. It is suggested that brands will be customizing their packaging by channel and retailer on a regular basis within the next five years. Not yet though! ¬†While retail organizations are currently limited, improvement of print and distribution technology will advance the ability of these stores to separate their brand identities. All of this will first and foremost will come through the design of packaging. After all, this is the most immediate marketing that consumers cannot avoid. Once the strategy is executed in he packaging, it will then be integrated in campaign communications.

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