You may have decided to store your CDs and DVDs in albums for easy organization and to save space. If you’re like me, these jewel cases are still taking over your room, because you do not have the heart to throw them away. But what do you do with them?

We researched online and found several creative ways in which you can reuse these jewel cases, instead of adding more to our landfills. Here are a few of the good ideas that we found:creative uses for jewel cases pen box

  1. Turn them into picture frames. This is simple and easy project. You can decorate your own border and insert the picture. You can either make a standing frame, put magnets on the back to put on the fridge, or mount them on the wall.
  2. Make a wall calendar. All you have to do is print the numbers 1-31 on separate sheets and place them in the mounted cases. You could even insert a friend’s picture in the case of his or her birthday.
  3. Make a pen holder. Craft Chi explained how to make a pen holder out of slim jewel cases. The sides can be decorated with pictures or artwork.
  4. Store pressed leaves or flowers. This is a great way to display and protect them from damage.
  5. They make great gifts. You could give a friend one of these crafted ideas, or make them an audio mix CD.
  6. Donate them. Chances are you have more jewel cases than you would like to make picture frames with. Kids love crafts, so you could donate your extra cases to a local school or church organization. Libraries constantly have to buy new cases to loan out their music. You could donate your cases as a way of “giving back” for the services that they provide. Small indie bands may also like to use your old cases to package their CDs.

These are many simple and easy ways to display your memories. Not only do these crafts make great gifts, but it helps relieve your eco-friendly conscience by not having to throw boxfuls of plastic away. So go tackle that mountain of jewel cases and get ready for an afternoon of crafting fun.

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