I think we can all agree that social media is an easy and effective way to interact with your consumers and build that relationship. However, sometimes there can be a missing link between this awesome virtual tool and the literal interaction your customer has with your product. Here are some things that can make that connection:

– Smack it right on the package! Sometimes consumers won’t bother to search for you facebook or twitter after they have purchased your product. Make it obvious that your out there, even give an incentive for “liking” you!

– Use QR codes. We love QR codes at Sunrise Packaging, mostly because not a lot of people know who we are. We like to throw a QR code on our business cards and products that will bring consumers right to our site with a thorough explanation of what we’re all about.social media

– Ask for feedback because if you’re customers are anything like me, once you ask the question you’d better be ready to listen. And that can be a great thing for businesses! However, if you never ask for feedback you will never know how to better serve.

-Create an app. Anything that will make it easier for customers to choose you, or at least maintain that connection.

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