custom packagingTraditional Medicinals has decided to refresh its packaging design to target a broader audience. There is a rising interest in natural herbal products and the California company wanted to capitalize on this demand. The organization has a commitment to educating the community on the power of plants which prompted the new design of the cartons. By improving on their package’s graphics, the products and information became more approachable for consumers new to the concept. After extensive research, the push for a revised design came from the discovery that products are more accessible through warmer, friendlier, and easier to understand packaging. The new graphics include icons and colors that logically represent the product line and their respective segments; detox, digestive, green, herbal, laxative, relaxation, seasonal, tonic, and women’s. Through color and imagery these design elements are intended to evoke trust, demonstrate care, and cue flavor. After the change, the company has seen a nearly universal positive response to retailers. In 2011, the herbal supplement market grew to an estimated $5.3 billion, and with the new design the company estimates that this growth will carry over to wellness tea and show vast increases.

Source: PackWorld

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