Puma_Tricks_Box_008The bright and colorful presentation packaging shown here for Puma’s line of cleats is eye-catching as well as fully functional. Using this limited edition packaging designed by Neighbour, Puma announced the release of their Tricks collection. To promote the new line, Puma sent this set out to different writers and players who would further spread awareness of the new shoes. Using 4 compartments that fold up together, the turned edge box uses bright colors to compliment the colors of the shoes as well as evoke the look and feel of a new and exciting product! By using magnets concealed in each compartment, the rigid box and sales kit¬†stays together when needed and unfolds playfully to display the cleats. Puma took the opportunity of a new line of footwear to extend their brand and make a splash with color and unique packaging. Blog source; thedieline.com


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