Driving in this morning, the trees were coated with a thick layer of snow that looked just like frosting. It’s beautiful to look at, but can be dangerous when we ship products to you.

During the winter a strange phenomenon sometimes comes over our plastic products. When the temperature gets frigid, so do our products, some of which are made from plastic, and everyone at Sunrise cringes and looks on with concerned faces as we try to avoid the damage commonly known as “cold crack”.

We do everything we can to protect your products from winter cold cracking.

We do everything we can to protect your products from winter cold cracking.

It happens most every year and you may have experienced it previously. In the winter you may take the extra precaution of ordering plastic products further in advance than you normally would. This is smart because Sunrise Packaging may need delay your shipping if temperatures reach below zero degrees.

This is the point at which the risk for cold crack increases dramatically and we will not ship your products if we believe they will arrive at your doorstep damaged. In order to protect your purchase, we wait until the risk for cold crack decreases.

Cold crack most often occurs during handling by the carrier. Sunrise will palletize and stretch-wrap larger shipments for further protection. As long as the carrier leaves these shipments intact, cold crack damage should not occur. Individual carton shipments that are handled by the carrier in a “baggage handler” fashion are most susceptible to cold crack damage.

It is wise to let products warm up from frigid temperatures in your facility before handling.

Keep this in mind when the temperatures begin to descend this winter. Order a few extra days in advance and know that even if your order comes a few days later than usual, Sunrise is doing everything it can to fight the forces of nature and defend your products.

Just call us your Super-Plastic-Protecting-Heroes-Of-The-Winter… here to save your products from the cold and protect the investment you have made in our products.