Eight O’ Clock Coffee has been around a long, long time. With lasting power comes a rich history. As one would imagine, the company has gained a loyal customer base having such a rich history which sometimes makes change a very hard and risky endeavor. With that said, Eight O’ Clock Coffee has recently taken a risk by changing their iconic red packaging that has given their coffee the same look for as long as anyone alive on this earth can remember.

In taking such a risk, Eight O’ Clock Coffee had two priorities: First, to design their packaging so that loyal customers could still relate to the product. Second, to implement a fresh look into their package that would attract new (younger) customers.

To tackle the first challenge, the new package design carries over a number of key qualities from the old package including the same classic logo and color coding for the different varieties. The words “New Look Same Great Taste” are also featured in the new packaging to ensure that the package is different but the product is the same.

As for attracting the younger customer to their product, Eight O’ Clock Coffee gave their packaging a contemporary look that is bold, crisp, and refreshing.

To develop designs further, the company went to its customers for input using sweepstakes as one method and also interacting with their customers on Facebook as another. Sweepstakes asked their customers to vote on different packaging designs while offering chances to win up to $5,000 worth of groceries for the year. To roll out the new packaging, Eight O’ Clock Coffee put a game on their Facebook page where fans can win daily prizes of free coffee by matching the old packaging with the new packaging within a certain time frame. The brand has been using Facebook to grow its fanbase and sales within the last few years and it’s working.

Founded in 1959, Eight O’ Clock Coffee has a history of involving their customers in company decisions. In fact, that’s how the company got its name. According to legend, the company came up with the name by conducting a survey asking people what time of day they drank coffee most. The majority of those surveyed reported that they typically drank coffee at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., which is why company went with the name “Eight O’Clock Coffee.”

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