Besita LogoThis year, Sunrise Packaging, Inc. was fortunate enough to work with a women’s swimwear company by the name of Besita Boutique. Besita is an online fashion house that offers couture swim and resort wear. The fashions are glamorous and sophisticated with a hint of pin-up style. The retailer offers exclusive swimwear as well is high-end designers that are well known in the industry. Since its inception with strictly swimwear, Besita Boutique has expanded their product line to accessories, apparel, lingerie and more to be released.  

The company culture of Besita Boutique is all about empowering women. Their team consists of hardworking women of all ages and experiences who work together to grow their business. They are also very active with sponsoring charitable events to give back to the community and contribute to a scholarship fund for deserving prospects.

Besita Boutique came to us for a packaging solution that would represent their brand, add value to their product, and market their company and charity efforts. There are three main items that we manufactured for Besita which consist of; a large apparel box, a small NetBox for marketing, and a Flashpad to hold a gift card. Each item is constructed with turned edge, which gave Besita full reign of the outside wrap, liner, and any other custom features. They went with a unique white croco, which is a fiber that imitates the look and feel of crocodile skin. Adding a blue foil stamp with their logo on each piece was an intelligent branding decision that resulted in a high end luxury packaging solution. Founder and CEO of Besita Boutique Sheralyn Marsh upon receiving the finished product states, “We find our boxes beautiful, and intend to use them as part of a display for our upcoming headquarters launch party!”

By using rigid chipboard and a turned edge finish, we were able to create a unique set of boxes for Besita Boutique to add value to each sale and market to their brand new guests. The NetBox created for Besita was made complete with a custom thermoformed tray made with white PVC to coordinate with the entire collection. The internal tray was formed specifically to hold the white croco Flashpad in place. Which brings us to the Flashpad,the perfect solution for packaging their promotional gift card in a die cut foam cavity.

By investing in custom manufactured packaging, Besita Boutique improved their marketing efforts, and extended their brand by promoting the value of their fantastic line of swimwear. The use of texture, color, form, and function is consistent throughout the collection and creates a luxury experience for every shopper.