Customized Tray and Insert Packaging Options


If you use a two piece setup box or custom rigid hinged cigar-style box, there are many possibilities for customizing the inside of your turned edge box to brand the complete package distinctive to your needs. Here are a few examples of the most common trays and inserts options available to you. Die-cut foam inserts are an economical and presentable way to hold the contents of your package. You can customize the cavities of what goes inside with varying colors, consistency and size. Have a custom thermoformed tray custom fit to your box. Chose from a variety of thin gauge plastics to create an insert with a perfect fit. You may coordinate printed paperboard inserts or trays to hold products or literature. To compliment your turned edge package, you may also create turned edge partitions or smaller boxes that fit inside.

Sunrise Packaging Announces the Popular Customizable NetBox™ will Now Come in Five Standard Sizes.


Sunrise Packaging announces the popular customizable NetBox™ will now come in five standard sizes. The NetBox™ has the layout of a turned edge hinged cigar style box with an overlapping hard cover with a magnetic closure and is ideal for sales and marketing kits, retail packaging, and so much more. The NetBox™ is uniquely designed to fulfill your requirements with customizable graphic design and internal cavities. With the five standard sizes, customers will now have the opportunity to save on tooling costs to make their project more affordable. With classic construction and professional finish, the NetBox™ is a dazzling packaging solution that adds the WOW factor! The NetBox™ can be customized with digital print, embossing or debossing, foil stamping or screen printing, die cut foam inserts or thermoformed plastic trays to hold the contents of the box. It is an exceptional branding and marketing tool for any organization.

The NetBox™ Standard Size Options:

The NetBox™ – Mini – Length: 5.375 Width 5.875  Depth 1.000

The NetBox™ – Jr. Length: 8.500 Width 5.250  Depth 1.500

The NetBox™ – Length: 10.187 Width 5.937  Depth 1.187  *Most Common Size

The NetBox™ Sr. – Length: 10.000 Width 9.000 Depth 1.875

The NetBox™ Max Length: 12.000 Length: 9.250 Depth 2.500

Market with Custom Hinged Boxes

The custom design of these custom cookie boxes is so captivating! I love the idea of a custom hinged box that has an exterior cover to heighten the design. The rigid box here is for Honolulu Cookie Company, so it is only suitable that the representation of the company also exemplify the state of Hawaii with a pineapple design. These custom hinged boxes have a dark brown wrap and black outlining design and are distinguished by diverse emphasis colors that brighten the entire rigid box. Comparable in construction to a cigar style box, this slender box stands upright and opens like a hardcover book to show all of the cookies inside. From their strategic marketing efforts and branding success, this Honolulu Cookie company has expanded their brand to us on the mainland!

Branding with Packaging

Using turned edge production, this custom hinged “box” like cover depicts the sensation of a hard cover book. The aim was essentially to produce a “book of smells”. Each scent has its own design and color scheme that corresponds with the product. The diminutive book covers for each bar of soap aren’t retained by a magnet, and there is not a rigid tray for the product, only the essential wrap over the soap and the cover is mostly for display and branding. The sections of the hardcover are held together with a undersized black label that adds to the impression of a bound book. I love the imagination and attention to detail that went into creating this custom rigid box.

Custom packaging helps improve the perceived quality and strengthen the brand identity for your product. Choose custom for stronger brands.

Custom Die-Cut Foam Inserts for Dazzling Display

Customers can utilize custom die-cut foam inserts in various custom boxes and other turned edge products to offer product security as well as dazzling display. With custom die cut foams offered in assorted colors and thicknesses, customers have an extensive variety to choose from that will compliment their product line or marketing campaign.

Our packaging solution – the FlashPad™ – is made precisely to hold a USB flash drive or other content options and give it a little extra weight – both literally and symbolically. The Flashpad™ is a hardcover flat with custom die-cut foam cavities in its interior. The die-cut foam can be customized to any shape or size product. The end result functions as a book like product that holds a custom flash drive with custom pre-loaded data, other products or promotional contents.


Custom Product Packaging is Vital for the Success of Your Retail Product

Custom Confectionary box, 2 piece setup box, setup box with formed tray, thermoformed tray, chocloate box, red setup box for chocolate

The design and quality of custom product packaging is vital for the success of your retail product on the shelf. It takes thorough attention to produce the impactful eye-catching packaging to truly sell the product; most purchases are impulsive, so this might be your only possibility to induce the consumer to make the initial purchase. The custom packaging must bring out the attributes and branding of your product and must appear to be of high quality to give your product the best chance to succeed in our ultra competitive marketplace.

The two piece setup box shown here holds a vacuum formed tray to hold chocolates. The box is presentable and communicates very high quality even before you reach the delicious chocolates inside. We love the contrast red and white silk screened logo presents on the cover and tan colored poly styrene tray inside.

High-Quality Custom Designed Box Packaging

Custom-designed-packaging, high quality packaging, sbs paperboard boxes, lightweight boxes, retail boxes, retail packaging

Premium high-quality custom designed box packaging with visually striking graphics leave a long and lasting impression on your customers long after the initial unboxing experience. Use state-of-the-art printing with custom lamination in gloss, matte or soft touch finishes with innovative impactful options such as foil stamping, embossing/debossing and die-cutting to enhance your brand and market your product packaging.

The SBS paperbox set shown above displays a variety of colors with a custom diecut window. The texture applied on the boxes are all unique and custom. We see examples of rigid two piece boxes as well as lightweight paperboard boxes all designed in a perfect harmony. Some of the boxes are silk screened with 1 color while others are full color offset printed for the utmost impact. This set is a great example of retail ready packaging!

Creative Custom Two-Piece Setup Box Packaging

Zealong Custom Packaging

This creative custom two-piece set up box packaging is for Zealong’s new four flavor range. Zealong is a brand of high quality, traditional Chinese teas made from organically grown leaves, pronounced as thicker and having more flavor.\r\n\r\nThe custom two-piece box set up design employs the distinctive contrast of a matt satin, UV varnish and gold foil print finish, perky contemporary color and unique emboss across a dark surface. It sets up a conservative but premium feeling that derives a little from the chocolate category and the custom design extends Zealong”s branding. Custom packaging well done!