Custom Slip Slant Box Packaging

Custom Slip Slant Box Packaging

custom slip slant box, custom presentation packaging, full color print, custom packaging design

This custom designed Slip/Slant Box for I Love Type for their Limited Box Set captures the fashionable face of eight classic old school typefaces and their modern adaptations, in eye-catching current applications. The custom design packaging has their content encased in a white box highlighting reflective rainbow embossed typography, each reveals firsthand descriptions and respected insights, development and concepts of typeface design. The custom designed packaging has thin or thick stems with the form and details of letters that have reflective impacts on the perception of content. The look fits I Love Type to a T and boosts their marketing and branding efforts tremendously.

This Custom Two Piece Setup Box Packaging Makes Tiffany Stand Out

 Custom Two Piece Setup Box Packaging

Two Piece Setup Box Packaging, custom two piece setup box, custom packaging, embossing, turned edge, foil stamp
This Tiffany and Co. classic custom two piece setup box packaging says it all. The custom rigid packaging radiates very high quality and elegance and extends their brand. Their custom design crafts a luxurious gift status symbol with their series of blue boxes. The custom two piece setup box packaging embodies a gift that is just a ”bit more special” than their competition. It definitely helps Tiffany and Co. stand out, encourage gift purchases, and make a lasting impression on their customers.

Present Elegant High Quality With Custom Two Piece Setup Boxes

custom luxury packaging, foil stamping, full color print, branding

custom two piece setup box

This Wicked & Wonderful custom two piece setup box does an incredible job of presenting the elegant high quality sensation of their brand. Their custom box tests the self-control out of unsuspecting, self-respecting chocolate lovers! What I like this custom designed packaging is that there is a two piece setup box within a two piece setup box! This is a perfect example of the high consumer appeal of custom two piece setup boxes in select “luxury” markets. I think I need me some chocolate!

Custom Presentation Kits for Countertops, Flooring and Cabinetry

Custom Presentation Kits for Countertops, Flooring and Cabinetry

custom presentation kits, thermoformed trays

Custom presentation kits for countertops, flooring and cabinetry can be a great way home owners and designers have the capability to see and touch samples of various samples. It is also a fantastic way to expand a brand and enhance significance to the presentation. These custom packaged presentation kits contain many granite samples in custom boxes with die-cut foam or thermoformed trays and keep samples ordered and unmistakably labeled. These durable boxes have a handle for easier carrying with a protected closure. I am so struck by the appearance and construction and of these custom presentation kits and their ability to help people choose the perfect granite for their projects.

Mail Your Custom FlashPad™

Custom FlashPad Mailers Our customizable Flashpad™ has been so popular that we felt like we needed to create a sleeve to help protect it and make it easier for mailing campaigns and transporting them to different venues (and to keep them warm – hey, we’re from Minnesota!). The FlashPad™ is one of our most admired promotional packaging products because it is easy to use and easy to customize. The silk feel lamination and die cut foam inserts stylishly display your marketing and branding message. The Flashpad™ offers a wide-ranging variety of uses and gives your products remarkable shelf presence! Put a label on the sleeve and and mail it!

Custom Game Box & Game Board Packaging

Offset printed custom game boxCustom Turned-Edge 2 piece setup box for game boxes Custom Game Board Packaging

Since 1982, Sunrise Packaging has established a reputation as one of the foremost custom game box and game board packaging experts for custom game boxes and game boards in the world. We have production and design capabilities from our state-of-art facility to move your custom game board from concept until completion. Along with our pride in custom packaging for gamebox and gameboards, we can help by reducing the confusion and expensive errors that come from lack of experience. We love to develop strategy and long-lasting relationships that lead to success. We put our considerable knowledge and capacities to work for our customers to nail down the best conceivable pricing, the highest quality custom game and board games made, and the fastest possible turn around time.

Custom Game Board Design  Custom Setup Box Game Board Custom Game Board


Distinctive and Appealing Custom Setup Box Packaging

Custom Health and Beauty Packaging

I consider the custom turned edge two piece setup box packaging for Stick Bears soaps very distinctive and appealing. The custom rigid setup box packaging generates a very natural and luxurious feeling for their product which is what they are all about. Stitch Bears crafted a group of appealing soaps for their organic baby brand and use organic powder from goat’s milk as the soap’s key ingredient. Their custom design packaging fits so well with their product and branding! An additional novelty is the soap’s custom product design, which is crafted to look like a Popsicle. This is intended to diminish a child’s distaste of bathing by correlating their soap with something pleasurable. The wooden stick is also comfortable to hold when the milk soap bubbles become slippery. The custom two piece setup box packaging and design add amazing perceived value of the Stick Bears product and enhances their brand.


Custom Branded Luxury Packaging Solutions Have a Valuable Impact

Custom Branded Luxury Packaging Solutions Have a Valuable Impact

Custom Setup Box, custom turned edge box

Custom branded luxury packaging solutions have a very valuable impact for manufacturers on consumers. Innovative options may vary in size, shape, function, and design, and custom packaging solutions are designed to specific needs and branding. This custom turned edge box for Prince is a great example of getting out a persuasive marketing message. It utilizes full color digital print displaying a vibrant image of the singer/songwriter, and uses added graphics to heighten the packaging. The custom rigid box is complete with thermoformed plastic trays that hold the album, and supplement an additional touch of personality.

Growth for Custom Rigid Turned Edge Box Packaging

Growth for Custom Rigid Turned Edge Box Packaging

custom rigid turned edge box packaging, die cut foam cavities, turned edge packaging, matte lamination

We have noticed the enormous growth for custom rigid turned edge box packaging in the last few years. The increase in custom rigid turned edge packaging demands for large size demonstration kits, retail items and smaller marketing pieces, rigid turned edge packaging solutions extend customizable and highly impressionable options. With custom rigid boxes and marketing kits, you are able to pinpoint the exact look and feel that will extend your brand and represent your product.

Custom Setup Boxes for Extending Your Brand

Custom two piece rigid setup Box

Custom Rigid Setup Box

The Setup box is probably considered the most classic take on what a “box” actually is. Custom setup boxes comprise of two pieces which are a top and a bottom tray. Custom setup boxes can be put together a few different ways. To get the most sturdy and reliable type of this unsophisticated packaging solution, you should use a rigid setup that uses turned edge construction and presents distinctive customization options. A custom rigid setup box can use a rigid chipboard that may be wrapped with custom artwork which helps give the entire custom box durable support. A great custom setup box design does wonders for your marketing your product and extending your brand.