Client Feature: Besita Boutique

Besita LogoThis year, Sunrise Packaging, Inc. was fortunate enough to work with a women’s swimwear company by the name of Besita Boutique. Besita is an online fashion house that offers couture swim and resort wear. The fashions are glamorous and sophisticated with a hint of pin-up style. The retailer offers exclusive swimwear as well is high-end designers that are well known in the industry. Since its inception with strictly swimwear, Besita Boutique has expanded their product line to accessories, apparel, lingerie and more to be released.  

The company culture of Besita Boutique is all about empowering women. Their team consists of hardworking women of all ages and experiences who work together to grow their business. They are also very active with sponsoring charitable events to give back to the community and contribute to a scholarship fund for deserving prospects.

Besita Boutique came to us for a packaging solution that would represent their brand, add value to their product, and market their company and charity efforts. There are three main items that we manufactured for Besita which consist of; a large apparel box, a small NetBox for marketing, and a Flashpad to hold a gift card. Each item is constructed with turned edge, which gave Besita full reign of the outside wrap, liner, and any other custom features. They went with a unique white croco, which is a fiber that imitates the look and feel of crocodile skin. Adding a blue foil stamp with their logo on each piece was an intelligent branding decision that resulted in a high end luxury packaging solution. Founder and CEO of Besita Boutique Sheralyn Marsh upon receiving the finished product states, “We find our boxes beautiful, and intend to use them as part of a display for our upcoming headquarters launch party!”

By using rigid chipboard and a turned edge finish, we were able to create a unique set of boxes for Besita Boutique to add value to each sale and market to their brand new guests. The NetBox created for Besita was made complete with a custom thermoformed tray made with white PVC to coordinate with the entire collection. The internal tray was formed specifically to hold the white croco Flashpad in place. Which brings us to the Flashpad,the perfect solution for packaging their promotional gift card in a die cut foam cavity.

By investing in custom manufactured packaging, Besita Boutique improved their marketing efforts, and extended their brand by promoting the value of their fantastic line of swimwear. The use of texture, color, form, and function is consistent throughout the collection and creates a luxury experience for every shopper.

Marketing with Flashpad™ and USB: MIOX

This Flashpad and USB drive combination was made for MIOX Corporation, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. An award-winning manufacture of on-site chemical generators, MIOX removes the transportation, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals.  With no project too large or too small, MIOX brings advanced water disinfection technology to multiple industries around the world. Their cutting edge hypochlorite generators and Mixed Oxidant Solution generators serve a wide variety of applications from industrial water treatment and cooling tower water treatment, municipal drinking water disinfection and wastewater treatment to oil and gas water treatment. For more information on their patented and cost-effective generators, visit

Hmarketing with USB packagingere is where the flashpad comes into play! MIOX attends and exhibits at industrial conventions and events in order to bring in business and spread awareness of their products and services. They needed a way to promote MIOX before the event and drive traffic to their tradeshow booth. To educate conference registrants prior to the event, MIOX chose a custom Flashpad and USB flash drive to distribute as a pre-mailer to promote their booth. MIOX’s flash pad has a turned edge case and holds a custom flash drive that was preloaded with various brochures and a promotional video! Watch this video to learn more about MIOX’s on-demand chemistry!

This is the second time MIOX has used Sunrise Packaging for their promotional packaging needs. In the fall of 2012 MIOX used a Flashpad as a pre-mailer and were so pleased with the result that they are at it again! We can’t wait to hear the results! 


Here is the video that Miox included on their USB flash drive:

Key Surgical : Product Demo Kit

custom sales kit presentationHigh-end marketing kits for product demonstration and sales are some of the most intricate, custom packaging solutions that we get the opportunity to manufacture. Recently we had the pleasure of working with Key Surgical to create a product demonstration kit.

A trusted provider of sterile processing, operating room and instrument care supplies, Key Surgical has over 3,000 products that are used by hospitals and surgical centers around the world. Located in Eden Prairie Minnesota, their close proximity to our Blaine location allowed for close collaboration in the production of their case. Used mostly by sales representatives, this product demonstration kit needed to fulfill the following basic needs; represent Key Surgical as a brand, securely hold all pieces to keep everything organized, and sturdy construction protecting the case in travel and repetitive use.

Key Surgical product showcase“Our products are of the highest quality so we wanted to prove that real-time when we’re with a customer,” U.S. Director of Sales, Rebecca Radtke explained about representing Key Surgical with this kit. As a brand, Key Surgical is vibrant and colorful. They have taken on the challenge of incorporating lively colors to their product line and marketing efforts in an otherwise mundane marketplace. For example, Key Surgical’s Instrument Tip Caps for protecting sharp instruments and O.R. Supplies use bright blues, reds, oranges, and purples that simultaneously liven up the product line and offer ease of identification. The use of color in Key Surgical products and branding is apparent in this kit through the display of the colorful instruments, bright blue foam, and the color coordinating legend for reference.

As you can imagine, surgical instruments are often small and delicate, which means this product kit needed to securely hold all pieces and keep everything organized. Layers of custom die-cut foam were made for this kit to assist in presentation and organization. Each instrument has its designated place in this kit, shown by the legend included on the inside cover. With all items provided to us, we were able to ensure an accurate fit for each cavity. Key Surgical opted for layers of interchangeable trays which aids in smooth presentation and the ability to focus on or pass around a particular set. Thumb notches on each layer make accessibility hassle-free. Radtke states, “This product showcase piece was designed with a need for our sales reps to be able to bring actual products to our customers so they can see, feel and try out the product for themselves.” Aside from display benefits, foam trays safeguard individual items from damage so customers can examine each instrument unscathed.

Finally, the product demonstration kit needs to accommodate the needs of Key Surgical sales representatives when traveling. Explained by Product Marketing Manager, Alana Suomela, “It had to be robust. These most often are traveling by plane with the reps and in and out of taxi cars, etc.  But they also needed to be slim enough in size that these can fit into a carry-on piece of luggage for a one or two day trip and still allow the traveler enough room for their personal items.” Turned edge, also referred to as hardcover (similar to a textbook), is an extremely reliable option for creating an esthetically pleasing package without sacrificing durability. Combine durable turned edge with convenient carrying handles and a secure button closure, and you end up with a robust traveling case capable of putting on the miles.

Turned Edge Poker Chip Set

Who says poker chips need to come in a box or briefcase?  This unique case for a special edition set of poker chips takes all of the elements of durable packaging, custom graphic design, and accessible cavities and creates one, cohesive solution for promotional purposes. The 77-Year anniversary set of poker chips is held in die-cut cavities each with thumb notches for easy access. If you look closely at the spine of the piece, you will notice that the board was simply folded over on each side two create a dual layer effect. The bottom layer remained intact, while the interior was die-cut to hold the chips. A clever, economical, and highly efficient way to manufacture this case that saved our staff time and our clients money. High-quality turned edge production combined with our customer’s artwork guarantees a unique package.

Turned Edge Components: Wrap, Liner, and Board

To create a quality turned edge product, there are a few elements that need to come together to create a cohesive packaging solution. Whether the final product is a three ring binder or a cigar style presentation box, the inside liner, internal chipboard, and of course the exterior wrap need to be intricately measured, cut, and placed.

Chipboard: The most common color of chipboard is a brown/gray color, as shown below. However, if the board is showing in any way for the project, we recommend something that will complement the entire package- maybe for you that is brown, but other colors specifically black and white are readily available.

Inside Liner: The interior liner of your box or binder needs to complement the outer wrap. To add dimension, it is important that it differs in some way to the outside. If you will notice the two piece set up box below, the inside liner is white with the company logo in the same color as the wrap- a great way to get a little more brand recognition as well as tie the whole piece together.

Exterior Wrap: An integral piece of the puzzle, the exterior wrap of your turned edge represents everything inside. Choose from textured papers, fabrics, linens, and other materials to create a look and feel that you believe best represents your product line and organization. Jazz it up with offset printing, embossing, or foil stamping. The sky is the limit with graphic design and custom features- create something unique and memorable.

TE Materials

Thermoformed Plastic Clamshells

Clear plastic clamshells are a huge asset to retail packaging solutions. They offer security and visibility in one compact piece. Unique clamshells that are tailored specifically to product are often custom made with inline thermoforming manufacturing. Plastic material is roll-fed in to the former and takes shape of the Teflon coated aluminum tool that is being applied. Watch the YouTube video below to see how aluminum tooling is produced:

Starting in March 2014, we will start to offer a stock option for this useful and relevant packaging solution. Easy to order online or a simple phone call, stock plastic clamshells eliminate the need to invest in tooling which can incur initial cost. If product and graphic inserts fit into any of the options we have available, then stock clamshells are your best option. Economically sound, made from recycled material, and easy to open functionality make these clamshells a win-win packaging solution.



Hard Cover/Turned Edge Versatility

All of the items below are some form of turned edge packaging solution. Whether a cigar-style box, three ring binder, sales kit or Flashpad, all of these products were made right here in our Minnesota facility. The photo gallery below is meant to show how versatile hard cover products can really be. Not limited to textbooks and hat boxes, these packaging solutions are fully customizable and function like a dream. Choose from luxury features like embossing or foil stamping, even provide us with your own unique graphic design!

Sample Presentation Packaging: All Shapes and Sizes

Sales kits and presentation materials come in all shapes and sizes. From boxes to binders, to presentational backboards, packaging solutions and presenting materials are most effective with your unique product and style in mind. Differentiate from your competitors’ pitches by being confident that you are about to show them something they’ve never seen before! Shown above is a variety of ways to present your product. First, you could provide them with a kit. A small token of your appreciation of their time. The goal of a sales kit is not only to give them a “gift”, but to give them an opportunity to grow by utilizing your services. You could also go a more informational route that is compact, presentable, yet to the point. Something like our Permavue or a small turned edge album that holds the item securely with sufficient information for them to implore. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you conduct business and bring in sales, just make sure that your solution is complementary to what you offer and presents your brand in a thorough and recognizable fashion.

Cosmetic Branding and Packaging

We found this creative box on Packaging of the World, and the concept, design, and construction of the entire packaging solution is intriguing. A layered, hinged box displays the contents of the cosmetic brand. The kit is a designed welcome package used to launch the brand campaign, getting exposure and representing the benefits of the product itself. This hinged hard cover box showcases the essence of the brand and the product by representing the item as a secret treasure or “jewelry of nature”. With gold accents on the final product, the designers projected the luxury of nature and natural beauty concepts.

Sales Kit and Product Collection Marketing

Sales kits and collections are a great way to utilize marketing efforts to give a branding boost to a particular product or line. By pairing complementary products, you suggest to your existing consumers that they try the whole set! Pictured here is a packaged set in a turned edge cigar-style box. The Remington collection features shaving applications that complement each other well and represent the entire brand. Each item is carefully placed in a designated cavity made from die-cut foam. The graphics on the kit are simple, and to the point – following the trends of simplicity and black and white contrast!

custom cigar style boxsales kit marketing