Thermoformed Plastic Clamshells

Clear plastic clamshells are a huge asset to retail packaging solutions. They offer security and visibility in one compact piece. Unique clamshells that are tailored specifically to product are often custom made with inline thermoforming manufacturing. Plastic material is roll-fed in to the former and takes shape of the Teflon coated aluminum tool that is being applied. Watch the YouTube video below to see how aluminum tooling is produced:

Starting in March 2014, we will start to offer a stock option for this useful and relevant packaging solution. Easy to order online or a simple phone call, stock plastic clamshells eliminate the need to invest in tooling which can incur initial cost. If product and graphic inserts fit into any of the options we have available, then stock clamshells are your best option. Economically sound, made from recycled material, and easy to open functionality make these clamshells a win-win packaging solution.



Hard Cover/Turned Edge Versatility

All of the items below are some form of turned edge packaging solution. Whether a cigar-style box, three ring binder, sales kit or Flashpad, all of these products were made right here in our Minnesota facility. The photo gallery below is meant to show how versatile hard cover products can really be. Not limited to textbooks and hat boxes, these packaging solutions are fully customizable and function like a dream. Choose from luxury features like embossing or foil stamping, even provide us with your own unique graphic design!

Sample Presentation Packaging: All Shapes and Sizes

Sales kits and presentation materials come in all shapes and sizes. From boxes to binders, to presentational backboards, packaging solutions and presenting materials are most effective with your unique product and style in mind. Differentiate from your competitors’ pitches by being confident that you are about to show them something they’ve never seen before! Shown above is a variety of ways to present your product. First, you could provide them with a kit. A small token of your appreciation of their time. The goal of a sales kit is not only to give them a “gift”, but to give them an opportunity to grow by utilizing your services. You could also go a more informational route that is compact, presentable, yet to the point. Something like our Permavue or a small turned edge album that holds the item securely with sufficient information for them to implore. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you conduct business and bring in sales, just make sure that your solution is complementary to what you offer and presents your brand in a thorough and recognizable fashion.

Cosmetic Branding and Packaging

We found this creative box on Packaging of the World, and the concept, design, and construction of the entire packaging solution is intriguing. A layered, hinged box displays the contents of the cosmetic brand. The kit is a designed welcome package used to launch the brand campaign, getting exposure and representing the benefits of the product itself. This hinged hard cover box showcases the essence of the brand and the product by representing the item as a secret treasure or “jewelry of nature”. With gold accents on the final product, the designers projected the luxury of nature and natural beauty concepts.

Sales Kit and Product Collection Marketing

Sales kits and collections are a great way to utilize marketing efforts to give a branding boost to a particular product or line. By pairing complementary products, you suggest to your existing consumers that they try the whole set! Pictured here is a packaged set in a turned edge cigar-style box. The Remington collection features shaving applications that complement each other well and represent the entire brand. Each item is carefully placed in a designated cavity made from die-cut foam. The graphics on the kit are simple, and to the point – following the trends of simplicity and black and white contrast!

custom cigar style boxsales kit marketing




Disc Media Packaging

The disc set pictured here is an extension of the Lifetime Fitness brand to reach beyond the club and into the homes of its members. The packaging solution from Cue is representative of the Lifetime Fitness brand by promoting and utilizing natural materials and featuring real people and customers. The case is not your ordinary injection molded DVD case, but a customized folder that shows photographic images and inspirational text to encourage the user. The company motto “The Healthy Way of Life” is emphasized in the graphic design and the healthy way to lose weight DVDs are displayed in a nice custom folder that folds flat for convenience and esthetic.


Promotional Marketing Kit: New Video

Sunrise Packaging just added a new YouTube video featuring a sample marketing kit that we put together in 2013. While we have already posted pictures, this video is a closer look at how all of the pieces of a cohesive marketing kit can go together and complement each other. All elements were made and fulfilled under our roof in Blaine, MN. The kit features our turned edge manufacturing as well as our custom thermoforming capabilities and includes: cigar-style NetBox, thermoformed PVC tray, Flashpad with digital print and matte lamination, die-cut foam, and a custom credit card USB Flash drive. Watch the video below, or visit our youtube channel to see more products, processes, and more news from Sunrise Packaging, Inc.

The Sound of Christmas CD Case

This festive CD packaging was a must-share we found from Packaging of the World.  A clean white case with a familiar holiday print is perfect for the Christmas season! This student design project embodies the holiday spirit that everyone can recognize with a classic pattern that is adorned by so many holiday stockings, “ugly”sweaters, and holiday special edition packaging. Media packaging solutions, while small in size, can really represent the contents of the disc inside.


Tri-Fold Fragrance Kit

 This intriguing package for a fragrance kit features a selection of scents that can stand alone or mix to create unique fragrances. The turned edge case folds into a cohesive kit, laying out the groundwork for a creative recipient. The graphics are nothing to flashy, but a clean, creative design. Perfect for a gift or a way to entice fragrance connoisseurs, the classic packaging solution offers display as well as external representation for the enclosed product. With different material choices and custom applications, the turned edge tri-fold is a unique and practical application for kits and display packaging.
Blog source: thedieline



Medical Marketing

This Youtube video is from our Sunrise Packaging channel. It shows a turned edge medical marketing package that we did a while ago. The project shows how versatile turned edge boxes can be. The cigar box style construction allows for artwork to be rotated giving the impression of a book being read from left to right. The magnetic closure holds all contents securely with the help of custom die-cut foam. Four color process digital printed allowed the customer to have complete control of the artwork and wrap that adorned the box’s exterior. Watch the video to see the packaging in action, or peruse our turned edge catalog to learn how hardcover turned edge packaging can benefit your marketing campaign and business.