Google+ Pages, similar to the old fashioned Yellow Pages, allows businesses to connect with customers on a interactive level. While many businesses manage a number of social media outlets, why should they add Google+ Pages to the list?

The biggest reason businesses use Google+ Pages is because of the connections it provides. Each month, over 1 billion people use Google’s search engine. Google+ Pages show up in search results. “Direct Connect” allows users to type a “+” in front of the company’s name and they will be directly connected to the company’s Google+ Page. People who have a personal Google+ account can “+1” your company and be able to read every post and also talk with your employees face-to-face. All these connections result in better social search rankings. Sales is another connection that Google+ excels at. When someone +1 your page it opens up a lot of opportunities. This direct action allows you to have a direct response.

The features Google+ has also is a big enough reason for a business to jump on the bandwagon. “Hangouts” allows your team to work on shared files in Google Docs from remote locations. These “hangouts” can also be used for communication of ideas and notes. Your suggestions within these discussions can also be commented on by your customers.

Google+ Pages are a great way to build SEO, connect with your customers, and provides features to help enhance your business team.

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